I started Printshop Studios on Etsy in 2015, out of my decade-long desire to pursue graphic design as a career. I'm a font junkie, and my love of fonts inspired me to create direct-to-print designs, which I successfully sold until 2017 when I realized a need for foil printing in wedding decor. I began incorporating foil into my designs for wedding signage, cards, table numbers, and the like. My business took off, bringing me to launch this new site with a larger variety of printables as well as custom work.

I am the proud wife to my best friend and first employee, Ryan, along with being a mother to my two beloved girls, Maylin and Everly. Rounding out the family are my two precious rescue dogs, Lucky and Lola. My motto is "Coffee until it's time for wine," and heaven on earth to me is a great Pinot Noir, some crusty bread, and a wedge of creamy brie.